STORE INFORMATION (Updated 2/11/2020)

Payment Options: All major credit/debit cards and Paypal are accepted. Both options are shown during the checkout process after you enter your contact information. If you have any problem placing an order please contact me for assistance or I can also send an emailed invoice. 

Item Availability Options:   The inventory tags now include "Ready Shelf", "Inbound Restock", "Restock Backorder", "Order on Demand", "Special Order", and "On Order". All ordering tags can be ordered at anytime as I update my inventory and ordering logs for EVERY order placed to keep items in the ordering pipe line at all times. Example, if you order a Backordered Restock, Order on Demand, etc.. item it is immediately put into the system to get restocked as soon as possible. These tags will indicate where the item is in the process of being ordered or how they can be ordered. Most tags are self explanatory but overall most all items with Inbound Restock or Order on Demand (quick resupply sourcing) arrive within about 3-7 business days and about 5-10 business days for Special Order items. "On Order" is a supplier in the process of restocking an item which can fall around 5-10 business days depending on the publisher. Note the above are of course estimates.

Mixed Item Availability:  To allow for combined shipping all items included in an order are held until the entire order is ready to ship. Order splits can be requested using the special instructions at checkout or by contacting me directly. Note: Available items mixed with preordered items that are outside of 30 days of release  cannot be guaranteed reserved. It is recommended to contact me with any questions regarding mixed availability orders that include preorder items.

Price + Shipping Total Matching Service:  I will attempt to match or beat any lower competitor, or publisher special, order grand total including rewards, memberships, discounts, etc. Email me a screenshot of the competitor for verification and all items must be ready to ship or verified available at the competitor. 

Shipping services: I use the US Postal Service and UPS Ground. Either of these services can be specifically requested in the special instructions at checkout. All shipping rates are considered reasonably accurate estimates, especially for international shipments. Shipping includes the delivery rate, size of product (dimensions), processing (about ~3% for any online transaction), insurance coverage (when applicable), and a slight amount for packing materials. A reduced rate is applied to books, magazines, and folios as I use flat rate methods of shipping as much as possible for those products. Note, there is no deliberate attempt to overcharge or profit on shipping rates and all rates are verified when an order is packed and if I find a lower rate method of shipping an order a shipping credit refund may be applied. If there are any questions about the rates please contact me at anytime

Wargame Editions and Special Requests: All new wargames are the latest editions available from the publishers unless specifically stated otherwise. If you have any special requests for items to be added to my store please contact me at anytime. If available through my sources I will try and add those items as quickly as possible.