NWS STORE NEWS (Updated 9/5/2019)

* Welcome to the new NWS Wargaming Store website that is fully operational. Note that items from the old store are still being added to this store  but any item can be requested to be added ASAP for ordering. All of the availability and ordering tags are explained on the store & payment information page.

* A new credit card processor has been added to the checkout page. Payments can be done through PayPal or Credit/Debit card at checkout. Note, PayPal can also process Credit/Debit cards as a payment option without a PayPal account being required.

* I can always be reached at warshipfc@yahoo.com, through the customer support tab above, or on the store FB page which can be clicked on using the FB icon below. I try to reply to all inquiries within about 1 business day if possible. With all the movement between the two stores that might take slightly longer in some cases until the dust settles.

* I would like to thank everyone for their patience as this is a MAJOR move for the NWS store as over 5,000+ items have to be relisted on the new store front. Every item has an availability tag with ordering options and is tied into my inventory management system. The plans for this major operational change started about a year ago with a major overhaul of the backend of the company with a new receiving warehouse and now the front end with a new store front and entirely upgraded inventory management system.

* Effective Aug 2019 I started accepting direct international orders through the new store. Note, all shipping rates are considered reasonable estimates. Please see my store information page for further details about shipping rates.

* Thanks again for all your support and patience during the process of a total NWS operations upgrade  and apologies that it took a bit longer then expected due to recent real life and other operations events. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. Take care everyone.  :-)